Thursday, August 6, 2009



ahhhh,this song kills me~~~~

for some weird reasons unknown to the mankind,it keeps reminding me of you-know-who,the boys.aigooo~ forgive me for being so corny here but i guess the mood just fits the whole thing.though i have no idea what the song is all about,except for a few words that i manage to understand.but really,it's a very nice song from KARA.i've been replaying it 2375864 times, today alone, since i just found it this morning.i really love their voices in this song.Gyuri and Nicole's rap...enough said-superb.This song...ahhhh....where on earth can i find the lyrics and the translation????am itching to know what it is all about.tried searching for it on youtube but to no a few comments on the song saying that it's a beautiful sad song.ahhhh....that says it all.i have to admit that this is, by far, my most favorite song from them,not only from this album but ever since their Break It days.i wish Sunghee is still in this group,her voice would be perfect for ballads, i think.but the new and fresh KARA is just so awesome as well.^^ Gotta admit, too, that this song is the only song that can chase SNSD's Genie and After School's Diva outta my head after quite a,maybe it's just me,but in some ways,i think this song also sounds a bit similar to 2PM's doraoljido molla.i don't know.but i love both songs^^ if you are into these type of songs - semi dance-semi ballad - you should have these songs in your playlist!^^ *continue humming*

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