Saturday, August 8, 2009

missing angel

she used to feel the warmth in your every word;
embracing her

shimmering its yellow beam on her
to whisper heaven's melody
that grow in her a farm of fondness
that wrap around her heartstrings.

she was happy.
she was truly blessed.

you told her how she need something to look up to

should she seek.

so there was you
her solid pure something
that pushed her through the hardest of days
watching over her like a little angel so real

you, who made her smile, used to be there.

and how suddenly it hit her, she did not know
she could not remember
was it something she said?

what is it that forced her to look through defense shield of her own words
and realize that she made you heart ache?
hurt deep enough to push you further

and erase the nonexistent wings of her little angel

she is no longer your little darling, is she?

no longer the lost child with unfolded stories and charms;
that you would love to treasure
what's left of her
is just
a shallow, thoughtless soul
who irked you the worst.

she could hear your sigh
wishing that you never knew her
wishing that you could hurt her, too

but you could never hurt her, could you?

and it sent her on a guilt trip, it did.
when your smile disappeared
when the tears streamed down
when she failed to heal

and you failed to pretend.

she failed to heal.
and you failed to pretend.

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